health-safety Washington State requires most employers to have the Safety & Health Core Rules (WAC 296-800) for their workplace.

All employers in Washington State are required to create a written Accident Prevention Program (APP) according to L&I Regulations (WAC 296-800-140). As stated in WAC 296-800-140, employers are required to; establish, supervise, and enforce an Accident Prevention Program (APP) that is effective in practice. You must develop a formal written APP. You also must supervise, implement, and enforce safety and health training programs that are effective in practice. Your written program must be tailored to the needs of your particular workplace or operation and to the types of hazards involved. Many businesses regard their APP as the cornerstone of their overall safety program.

All employees are expected to work conscientiously to implement and maintain the APP program.  The Program Administrator has the authority and responsibility for implementing the provisions of this program.

  Responsibilities include:

    • Maintaining current information on local, state and federal safety and health regulations
    • Acting as liaison with government agencies
    • Planning, organizing and coordinating safety training
    • Preparing and distributing company policies and procedures on workplace safety and health issues
    • Developing a code of safe practices and inspection guidelines
    • Establishing accident report and investigation procedures, and maintaining Accident records (OSHA log 300)
    • And other requirements established within the APP.

The purpose of the preliminary assessment is to gather information about your facility and assess the requirements based on this preliminary assessment. This is the single service, often called “Preliminary Comprehensive Assessment”, this is our most popular service and the most effective one for most facilities. Businesses of any size can benefit from this preliminary comprehensive assessment. The requirements for your specific facility are assessed and recommended after this assessment.