As requires by the Washington State Dangerous Waste Regulations WAC 173-303 if you are generating hazardous waste, you are require to:

  • Designate those solid wastes which are dangerous or extremely hazardous to the public health and environment;
  • Provide for surveillance and monitoring of dangerous and extremely hazardous wastes until they are detoxified, reclaimed, neutralized, or disposed of safely;
  • Provide the form and rules necessary to establish a system for manifesting, tracking, reporting, monitoring, recordkeeping, sampling, and labeling dangerous and extremely hazardous wastes;
  • Establish the siting, design, operation, closure, post-closure, financial, and monitoring requirements for dangerous and extremely hazardous waste transfer, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities;
  • Establish design, operation, and monitoring requirements for managing the state's extremely hazardous waste disposal facility;
  • Establish and administer a program for permitting dangerous and extremely hazardous waste management facilities