Whether accompanying renovation, demolition, or repair, asbestos and lead abatement activities must be performed in a manner that complies with EPA, OSHA, state, and local regulations. Abatement activities must also perform in a manner that protects building occupants and workers from exposure to lead and asbestos fibers.

Owner needs to be assured that their asbestos and lead abatement contractor is following applicable rules and regulations throughout the course of an abatement project. Owner also needs to have a knowledgeable representative on-site to function as their eyes and ears during an abatement project. Without this, owners have no means of knowing if the regulations are being followed, safe work practice implemented or the work being done is comply with applicable requirements.

ADE can...

  • Develop specification for an abatement project
  • Prepare bid packages for abatement contractors
  • Provide third-party project oversight
  • Perform air monitoring during an abatement project
  • Provide final submittal including project documentations and records