All employers in Washington State are required to create a written Accident Prevention Program (APP) according to L&I Regulations (WAC 296-800-140). As stated in WAC 296-800-140, employers are required to; establish, supervise, and enforce an Accident Prevention Program (APP) that is effective in practice. You must develop a formal written APP. You also must supervise, implement, and enforce safety and health training programs that are effective in practice. Your written program must be tailored to the needs of your particular workplace or operation and to the types of hazards involved. Many businesses regard their APP as the cornerstone of their overall safety program.

To meet the written program and other APP requirements, businesses need to do the following:

  • Look around to identify workplace hazards that could hurt employees.
  • Find and apply ways to reduce or eliminate hazards.
  • Provide a detailed safety orientation to employees so they understand the possible hazards of their particular job and how to work safely.

ADE can put your worries to rest. We can write an APP to include all the required elements and help your facility to meet the regulatory requirements. Most importantly, the site specific APP will satisfy an OSHA/L&I Compliance Officer and will help you to avoid violations.