All employees are expected to work conscientiously to implement and maintain the Accident Prevention Program (APP).  The Program Administrator has the authority and responsibility for implementing the provisions of this program.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining current information on local, state and federal safety and health regulations
  • Acting as liaison with government agencies
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating safety training
  • Preparing and distributing company policies and procedures on workplace safety and health issues
  • Developing a code of safe practices and inspection guidelines
  • Arranging safety and health inspections and follow-up to ensure that necessary corrective action is completed
  • Making sure that an adequate supply of personal protective equipment is available
  • Establishing accident report and investigation procedures, and maintaining Accident records (OSHA log 300)
  • Reviewing Accident trends
  • Establishing a system for maintaining records of inspection, hazard abatement, and training
  • Making sure equipment and machines are in safe operating condition
  • Ascertaining that employees follow safe work practices and health regulations
  • Ensuring that employees wear required protective equipment
  • Correcting unsafe and unhealthful conditions within their power
  • Investigating accidents to discover cause(s) and identifying corrective action to prevent future occurrences
  • Conducting periodic inspections of the work areas according to the appropriate inspection checklist(s)